Daniel Bédard and Stéphane Chamberland duet

Pie Eyed Manc

For Big Sid

The Drums Also Waltzes (again!)

Trio SVD Hollow


Trio SVD 3 songs demo


Trio SVD live at Upstairs jazz bar


Solo Drumming


Promo Clip


Live with Paul Cargnello @ Métropolis de Montréal


Zo Klo


Jazz Samba Improvisation


Here are the outtakes from the Drum Off competition video


Jamming on the Gretsch Catalina Club Kit


Stick Control @ 120 bpm


Here’s a drum solo where I use two snare drums.


A drum improvisation.


An excerpt from Sharcüt’s cd launch.


A cover of Lynn Timmes-Carlock “Once And For All”.


The Johnny Cash Show Tribute playing “I Walk The Line”.


Pawa Up First live at cabaret du musée Juste Pour Rire.


Another drum improvisation. Bazinga!


Paul Cargnello live at Le Cercle in Quebec city.


Stanton Moore’s Pie Eyed Manc.

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