Upcoming Shows:

June 4th – The Vasts cd launch at le Cercle in Québec city

June 6th – Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Mont-Laurier

June 14th – Montreal Intensive Drumming Day

June 21st – Big Band Préville

June 23rd – Filière 13 St-Jean Baptiste

July 4th – Big Band Préville

August 6th – Johnny Cash Show Tribute@St-Alfonse

August 8th – Johnny Cash Show Tribute@St-Jean de Matha

August 13th – Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Top Shot in Lachute

August 22th – Big Band Préville

September 5th: The Wildwood Family@Piggery Theater


Past Shows:

May 29th – Student Show@L’étoile 10/30


May 21st – CD launch with The Vasts@O Patro Vys


February 17th – Drum clinic@Cégep de Drummondville

February 2nd – La Cançao@Mont-Tremblant

January 28th – The Vasts@Divan Orange

January 15th – The Wildwood Family@Divan Orange

January 9th – Marco et Les Torvis@St-Jean sur Richelieu

December 19th – The Vasts@La Vitrola

December 12th – The Wildwood Family@Quai des Brumes

November 20th – Drum clinic@Italmélodie

November 6th – Jazz Composers@Le Bleury

October 18th – The Vasts@Divan Orange

October 13th – Jonathan Orchestra@Parc Trudeau

October 4th – The Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Chez Maurice

August 30th – La Cançao@Frelishburgh

August 29th – The Wildwood Family@Lac Brôme

August 24th – Preville Big Band@St-Lambert

August 22nd – The Wildwood Family@Grumpy’s

August 19th – Trio SVD@Upstairs

August 16th – Rock gig

August 15th – The Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Calistoga Grill

August 8th – The Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Victoriaville

July 29th – The Wildwood Family@Vaudreuil-Dorion

July 28th – The Wildwood Family@Brasseur du Temps à Gatineau

July 19th – Preville Big Band Wedding

July 12th – The Wildwood Family@Quai des Brumes

July 8th – Daniel Bédard Trio@House Of Jazz

July 3-4-5 – Jazz Quintet@La Dora Restaurant

July 1st – Preville Big Band@Canada Day

June 28th – Trio SVD corpo

June 24th – Preville Big Band Private Party

June 14th – Preville Big Band à St-Ligori

May 31th – Preville Big Band@Auberge Handfield

May 20th – Daniel Bédard Trio@House Of Jazz

May 8th – The Vasts@L’Escogriffe

April 3rd – Navert@Lion d’Or

April 1st – Trio SVD@Upstairs

March 21st – Navert@Maison de la culture Maisonneuve

February 28th – The Wildwood Family@Quai des Brumes

February 5th – Trio SVD@Résonance Café

January 18th – The Vasts@Divan Orange

January 17th – The Vasts@Trois-Rivières

November 29th – The Vasts@Quai des Brumes

November 22th – Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Pierrefonds

November 17th – Jazz trio@Café Lézard

November 3rd – Simja Dujov@Espace Réunion

October 18th – The Vasts@Quai des Brumes

October 5th – Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Chez Maurice

September 6th – The Wildwood Family@Grumpy’s

August 29th – The Vasts@FME

August 24th – Feber E. Coyote@Grandes-Piles

August 20th – Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Valleyfield

August 16th – Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Boucherville

August 9th – Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Victoriaville

August 3rd – Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Tracadie-Sheila

July 24th to 27th – The Wildwood Family@Rouyn

July 23rd – The Wildwood Family@Paramount in Rouyn

July 3rd to 6th – Jazz Quintet@La Dora restaurant

June 30th – The Wildwood Family@Greenfield Park

June 28th – Jazz trio@Chambly

June 22nd – Paul Cargnello@Yellowknife

June 21st – Paul Cargnello@Hay River

June 15th – Paul Cargnello@Francofolies de Montréal

June 13th – Paul Cargnello/Skinny Bros@Fringe

June 12th – CD launch The Wildwood Family@Quai des Brumes (5-7)

June 8th – MC June@Longueuil

May 26th – The Wildwood Family and Mr Mo & The Sideliners@O Patro Vys

May 24th – Brossard Music School Show@L’Étoile 10/30

May 18th – Paul Cargnello@Trois-Pistoles

April 28th – The Wildwood Family@Cagibi

April 27th – The Wildwood Family@Divan Orange

April 18th – Paul Cargnello@Club Soda

April 17th – Jazz trio@Café Lézard on Beaubien

April 10th – Jazz trio@Café Lézard on Beaubien

April 6th – Paul Cargnello@Québec

April 5th – Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Sherbrooke

March 27th – The Vasts@Il Motore

March 23rd – Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Chez Maurice

March 18th – The Wildwood Family@Grumpy’s

March 14th – Paul Cargnello@Sala Rossa

March 2nd – Mr Mo & The Sideliners@Bar Populaire

January 31th – The Vasts@Divan Orange

January 19th – The Wildwood Flowers@Grumpy’s

December 19th – Sharcüt@Divan Orange

December 10th – Filière 13 (private)

December 4th – The Wildwood Flowers@Hurley’s

November 30th – Filière 13@Drummondville

November 27th – Paul Cargnello@Trois-Rivières

November 24th – Feber E. Coyote et les Chasseurs de Primes@Lévis

Novembre 19th – The Wildwood Flowers@Grumpy’s

November 17th – Filière 13@Drummondville

November 10th – Paul Cargnello@Moncton

October 8th – The Vasts@La Casa Del Popolo

October 13th – Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Chez Maurice

September 2nd – Johnny Cash Show Tribute (private)

September 1st – Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Lachute

August 31st – Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Boucherville

August 30th – Feber E. Coyote@Youkcafé

August 25th – Chamalaz@l’Inspecteur Épingle

August 17th – Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Carleton sur Mer

August 18th – Johnny Cash Show Tribute (private)

August 11th – Johnny Cash Show Tribute (private)

August 10th – Filière 13@Princeville

August 4th – Filière 13@Tracadie

August 1st – Johnny Cash Show Tribute@Paspébiac

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