I am included in Dom Famularo’s list of the best teachers in the world. Thanks Dom!!

Dom Famularo’s Teachers List

Here are Jim from Florida, Steven from Washington and Harold from New Jersey taking online lessons with me:

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Daniel Bédard: Professional drummer since 19 years and drum teacher since 12 years. Known on the musical scene for having played with Pawa Up First, Sharcüt, Paul Cargnello, Alexandre Désilets, Michel Donato, The Johnny Cash Show Tribute and much more.

Lessons will be covering:

• Hand and foot technique
• Coordination in different styles like rock, jazz, latin, funk, country, metal and more.
• Reading
• Songs (covers and play-alongs)
• And much more…

Private and personalized lessons

40$ an hour

Special packages are available

Contact: http://www.danielbedarddrums.com/contact/?lang=en




  1. William Bowser

    @John Robinson I been wanting to learn all my life but it was my father with no pun who kept me from I dream of playing so what I want ask you is , is it too late at 54 years old ?

    • Nico

      I started drumming at the age of 60, missing some of my right hand fingers, i will not be de best drummer ever but it gives me a lot of fun.
      And I am still making progress.
      so get startet

  2. Don George.

    google joe ascione. He was a roady for Buddy Rich so that’s the influence. He has played with many big names. He doesn’t look but he’s 54.

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